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90% of Women Bloggers Want to Work with Brands but Many are Ignored

According to a new research study released today at the Digital Impact Conference in New York City, 93% of women bloggers surveyed are eager to partner with brands although the majority, almost 60%, have never been approached by a brand or agency to work on a campaign.

The survey was fielded across 50,000 women bloggers in the BlogFrog network during the month of April and was analyzed by the Social Studies Group, an independent social media research company. Almost 2,000 women and mom bloggers responded, offering valuable insights for brands that help them understand the most effective ways to partner with women bloggers to generate brand affinity, loyalty and drive purchase behavior.

Key Findings Include:
?    Compensation matters. 90% are interested in working with brands, so long as there is some form of compensation.
?    Social good matters. Campaigns that include an element of social good increase trust levels for 56% of bloggers surveyed.
?    70% of bloggers trust a brand more when that brand is promoted or recommended by someone they know from a blog or social media.
?    Almost all women bloggers have positive opinions on brand sponsored social media and blog campaigns.
?    Almost 60% of women bloggers indicate they want long-term, deeper relationships with a few special brands.
?    Of the brand pitches bloggers receive, most are rejected by the majority of bloggers.
?    As consumers, women bloggers are highly influenced by other blogs. 93% have purchased a product based on brand information found on a blog or online community.
?    Bloggers who spend six or more hours a week engaging with other blog communities show a correlated increase in revenue.
?    Brands like Purex, Disney, Kraft, Silhouette, Proctor & Gamble, and CSN were given high marks for their blogger relations.
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